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iSpeak We'd like to introduce you to our recordable message iSpeak series.  iSpeak Grid creates a familiar grid system of recordable customizable buttons.  iSpeak Sequences allows you to record a sequence of messages playable from a single switch button.  iSpeak Button is the digital form of the familiar single message talker button.  See our Apps Page for more details about any of these apps.  Available on iOS.

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Video Modeling
We'd like to introduce you to our video modeling apps for shoe tying, buttons and zippers.  Show Me How teaches the student how to use buttons and zippers. Show Me How: Shoe Tying teaches the student how to tie their shoes. Both use video modeling, photos with sound, and just photos.  See our Apps Page for more details on either.  Available on iOS.

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Our Switches
We'd like to introduce you to Touch Switch and iSpeak Button! With the iSpeak Button you can record any message you want, and play it back with the touch of a button. Your basic single switch communication device. Touch Switch is a button meant to give a stimulating cause and effect, or reward for special needs students. See our Apps Page for more details on either.  Available on iOS and Android.

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Beginning & Ending Blends Help young readers learn about the beginning and ending blends sounds. The Beginning Blends app features the sounds BL, Cl, Cr, Dr, Fr, Gr, Pl, Pr, Sn, and Tr.   Go To Beginning Blends.  The Ending Blends app features the sounds Ft, Ll, St, Nd, SK, Rn, Ck, Mp, and Lk.  Go to Ending Blends.  Both available for iOS and Android.

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Coin Calculator

This calculator uses actual US coins to help teach a child how to add money. Great tool for helping learn coins and their values. iOS and Android.Take me to the coin calculator!

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Find Our Apps:

Available on iTunes, and in the App Store!  For iPod, iPad, and iPhone


The original QR code based flash card system for education!


Alternative & augmentative communication app for those with speech disabilities


Now available on
Blackberry Tablets
A few of our apps are now available to users of the blackberry tablet.  Have a look at what we have ported to for these devices.

For Young Readers
Beginning and Ending Word Blends
These apps help young readers grasp the concepts of beginning and ending consonant blends in words.  Great for pre-K, kindergarten, and first graders, or anyone who needs help with these concepts.

Coin Calculator
Learn About Money.
Learning about money can be hard at first, but our calculator helps kids visualize and understand how to add and subtract money because unlike a regular calculator, all the buttons are coins.

We Love This!
iPod Case for Baby
This is COOL!  It's from fisher price, and it protects your iPhone or iPod touch from your baby while still letting them play with all the awesome educational apps out there!  It has a drool guard, and there is heavy plastic over the main button to prevent them from flipping to other apps (or making calls!)  It also makes the device easy to hold, and gives it some protection, for under $15.

Work from Home
Be your own boss, work your own hours.
 If you are interested in working from home, you might want to consider running a hosting business.  We get you started as a reseller for only $60/year and we take care of all the tech support.  Use our site builder to customize your page, and then sell any of our hosting and domain products at a price YOU set.  Sell online to startup business, or locally to places that want to get online but just don't know how!

Big Grips Frame
Protect Your iPad
The iPad is an awesome educational resource, but it's also a big investment and you want to make sure you keep it safe. We at Goatella love the Big Grips Frame, available for iPad, iPad2, and iPad3. They also come in a variety of colors.

iSpeak Button
Still using a physical button?
iSpeak Button replaces the traditionally clunky single switch talker buttons with an app, so you never have to worry about forgetting to lug it along!


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